The average person buys a dozen cars in their lifetime. But unlike cars, you only get one retirement, one chance to get an income plan that you will drive the rest of your life. To help people make smarter choices, Janney has developed the Retirement Test Drive—a way for you to sit in the driver’s seat of your own retirement and personally test the feel and fit of particular plans to find the best fit for you.

Our retirement test drive can help provide answers to your most important retirement questions:

  • What sources of income will I rely upon in retirement?
  • Will my income and assets last for my lifetime?
  • What expenses can I expect?
  •  What is a sustainable spending level? 

Insightful charts provide the basis for a meaningful discussion about how and when you plan to retire—and if you can afford to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement. 
What's best is that you’ll drive away with a retirement road map to help you get on the right track—and stay on track—to reach your personal retirement goals. 
Get started today on the right path, and let's partner together to plan for a better retirement for You. To receive your Retirement Income Evaluation, contact me today.