Rolling over to an IRA gives you control over costs, and the flexibility to invest in a wide menu of investment solutions. As a Janney Financial Advisor, I can help you roll over your assets and develop a solid financial plan for the future.

Over the years, you may have opened or inherited numerous investment accounts - making it difficult to manage your portfolio and see a full picture of your retirement future. Rollovers are ideal if you have recently changed jobs or retired, and are looking to consolidate and manage your retirement assets.

Janney Rollover Advantage
My goal is to help take the worry out of moving a significant portion of your life savings. Having assisted countless investors with rollovers and consolidation of their retirement accounts, I can offer the following services to ensure a smooth rollover process for you:

  • Help to complete the complex paperwork necessary for the transfer of your accounts.
  • Monitor processing of paperwork to avoid administrative and human errors, to minimize any potential delays.
  • Assist in organizing beneficiary records to help ensure assets are distributed to heirs as intended.
  •  Regularly communicate and provide status updates regarding your rollover.
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