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If you are concerned about how much income you will need in retirement and whether you are saving or earning enough now, please contact me and ask about creating a future income plan. There is no cost. It will help answer the following questions:

1)    How much income will I need for retirement?
2)    Will my income last as long as I live?
3)    Am I saving/earning enough today?
4)    What if I want to retire sooner?
5)    What instruments are available to me to help me attain my goals?
One of the more popular vehicles that investors are using today to guarantee a future income stream are Lifetime Income Annuities, now offered by most major life insurance companies. These contracts can help you with your retirement income needs, help protect it, and guarantee it for as long as you live. 
From the Wall Street Journal 9/2/2010: “As more workers enter retirement relying on cash from a 40l(k) plan or similar account instead of a company pension, fears are growing that some could mismanage their money and outlive their savings. To reduce that risk, the Obama administration wants to prod workers into investing in lifetime-income products such as annuities, insurance contracts that function like pensions by paying a guaranteed monthly income.”

Retirement Income Planning Brochure

Investing For Retirement Income

Annuities Can Provide A Valuable Safety Net to Pre-Retirees 

Annuities Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Outliving Your Retirement Assets